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MACARONS....a brief history that I've read, is actually an Italian dessert. I heard someone asking French Macarons and it feels like awkward to think if there are any other names when you simply know where it is originated...what I know is that you can give unique names entitled to your own in whatever recipes but you can't break and still respect the authenticity of the recipe that you are making. Uhm...they called French Macarons when the chef who invented it brought to France. And of course, it was exported so it made more successfully famous. For me, the most difficult dessert that I tried to make is this one...I was really amused that with simple ingredients, it would make you feel exhausting instead of feeling the greatness of what hobby is about. I salute to the chef, no wonder this dessert is so lavishly luxurious. It's a funny experience for me because as I look at it, it was just a homebaked, a not so extraordinary as the other dessert does such crinkles and cookies. After trying right...If you're a mom, you'll be reminded of your child/children...I  fully understand what these cute, little macarons really meant - extremely intense but surprisingly an ultra-fragile.


1 cup Almond Flour
1 3/4 confectioner sugar
3 large egg whites (egg yolks are separated to egg whites)
1 tsp salt
1/4 granulated sugar ( for meringue)

You may choose my two flavor Fillings:
 I used 6 pcs 15g/pack of Elle and Vire cream cheese that makes a total of 90g
(you may use other brands - 100g)
half of whole salted or unsalted butter, softened in room temp. (mashable)
4 - half cups of confectioner sugar (200g)
***Just beat butter for 3 minutes.
Add cream cheese.
Put (one) half cup with an interval of 1 minute, then add with the succeeding cups with the same beating interval. (3x)
You may add additional confectioner sugar if the cream cheese or butter is still strong.
Add either cream cheese or butter if it is too sweet. You must base the number of macarons that you will make...This recipe makes 6 pcs of macarons. Just double dose the measurement if you need more. No choice but buttercream is really sweet and greasy while the confectioner sugar is the only way to increase the volume of the filling...but adding cream cheese will save it. The texture is nice, smooth and it will taste creamy. And one thing more, make it not so bland but with a tinge of butter because after putting it to the fridge, it will still taste buttery but so creamy, so it won't make you sated. 

Cream Cheese
Whip 300g of whip cream 
Add 100g of cream cheese
 If it's not cheesy yet just add cream cheese.
This is my preference filling because macarons is not like meringues. The sweetness is really beyond your expectation. I don't even suggest chocolatey or fruity filling because it's macarons. That's what they's kinda revelation. Maybe dark choco or minty filling will do.

If you can't find almond flour in your area, you can make it at home. Here how...
You may use sliced almonds so you could just blend it.
Use raw almonds. Do this a day before making it. Because you need to dry the almonds overnight.
Click the video:
Prepare 1 cup raw almonds. Boil water in a casserole. Put almonds (water must really boiling). Cook for 15-30 seconds.
Drain the soak to a bowl of cold water or just flash water through the faucet while in a strainer.
Peel, the skin is easy to take out.
Towel dry.
Transfer to a tray with baking paper.
Set aside in a dry area overnight.
Use it the next day.


1. Prepare the dry ingredients. Sift flour and almond flour. Set aside.

2. Next is the wet ingredients. Beat egg whites. Wait until it bubbles.

3. Add salt. Making macarons is really tricky...they are very sensitive. Don't ever dare add "TARTAR" because it will make the macaron sour as in yucky sour...tartar usually used in making meringues but in here it's a big no-no to me...I don't like to sweet in my recipes so I'm so very careful about the taste. I think it reacted to the almond's the same taste to what recipes I tried...sometimes I forgot or missed one ingredient accidentally and sometimes during experimental also ahehe because I'm doing it 1 is to a lot ratio when I'm baking. 
4. Continue beating for one minute.

5. Add the granulated sugar. Again this 50g of sugar...if you are a newbie, you must set to your mind that you should always be PATIENT. Add sugar bit by in...add almost half of 1/2 teaspoon of sugar then beat every 2 minutes after adding sugar again.

6. Alright!... I think your done whipping...but whip again until it makes a total of 10-13 minutes from the time you add the sugar.

     Oh my here's the painful truth...If you ever watched videos on how to make meringue, I think you might feel very frustrating. For what I've really differs to what I made from that video. Yup...consistency differs in materials/machine that you are using. But in a real method, it's not exactly as you think that what they made - so sticky...meringues should not fall from your head when flipping the bowl...urgh! I even tried overwhipping until 15 minutes but it's really a failure. 
     The antidote?...add meringue powder or baking may do it with other recipes not here.
The result is just soft, airy but creamy looking. It has soft peaks but it's just until there...Remember, macarons are sensitive to other ingredients. So, just stop here. Plus! the pictures are really deceiving, so I made it unfiltered. Not so great resolution. So you could easily compare to yours.

7. If you could see the volume is increasing, just whip it more...

8. Stop when you achieve the peak like this but don't try flipping the bowl (laughs).

9. Add a tint of red gel paste food color. Gel paste doesn't make the meringue runny.

10. Sift once more the dry ingredients.
11. Then pour all the meringue.

12. Fold it gently.

13. When you already mixed the batter. Continue mashing and folding until the texture is same as making meringue, kinda slimy but you may see roughy tidbits of the batter and try making a figure of eight or just as good as a not that sticky and not too droopy lava. If you made it smoothly like the batter of making a cake then you have to do it again. 
Watch here...sorry, I didn't use a camera stand all throughout the video procedures.

14. Put it in a piping bag if you don't have a medium round tip, just cut the piping bag and make a 1cm hole.
15. As soon as you finished putting the batter in a piping bag, preheat the oven if you are using a "gas oven". It is faster to produce heat. If using an "electric oven" preheat before making meringue.

16. Put a dot of macaron batter on the four corners of the tray.
17. Put the macaron guide underneath the baking paper. 
18. Pipe about 1 inch if you want a 1.5-1.75 inch macaron or If you want a 2.5 - 2.75-inch macaron, pipe 1.5 inchTiming is very important. You must pipe it away because it easily becomes runny while piping on the tray. I piped my macarons 1.5 inch, one heart-shaped and the other is round. It makes 12 heart macarons while 16-18 round macarons.
19. Leave them for 15 minutes.
20. Take out the guide paper by slipping off while holding the baking paper.

(Info only-suggestion, tried and tested: In other methods, they leave it for 30 minutes, then baked it in 15minutes @ 180 degrees celsius equivalent to 350 Fahrenheit. I had tried this but the result is a failure. The macarons are like newborn babies, so peacefully sleeping from the first minute up to past 12 minutes then began rising @ 13 minutes. The macaron feet were so beautiful as it risen while the top becomes a dome shape but the thing is you need to bake until 15 minutes without opening. So I waited and take it off at exactly 15 minutes. The result...after past 14 minutes the macarons were deflating, the top began to crack. After taking it out all macarons were dead! Ouch! It's really heartbreaking...yeah I can't helped to overact. They are all cracked and become ugly! (Please note: Results may also depend on the oven, just like what I've mentioned before, I'm using a gas oven.) and some are right away after tapping the macarons. Try this also if you still failed to make it. From what I observed the longer the time you leave the macarons the higher the feet it becomes. The flaws? It will make your macarons more fragile. I suggest... try the latter, putting macarons right away. Honestly, I've never tried it, but my method doing half-way between 1-14 minutes and 16-30minutes...I would say it's a success. The feet is not high. Don't take out macarons if you wish to have your macarons with high feet. The top is very thin, flat and still not cooked. The feet will be pushed down when the top becomes a dome-shaped, so it will minimize the feet and it's ok if there are no feet, it's safer because you are making a no chemical added macarons, let's admit, macaron mix is better (peace!)...anyway, it will still be appealing. Lastly you must follow carefully the instruction because the best result is where to put the tray and the time when you take out the macarons in the oven.)
Here are my FAILED MACARONS ahuhuhu!

I could the feel anguished of these dreadful macarons because in reality...They taste good!!!
So yummy, that you may be addictive even without the filling.
The taste was so extravagant - the top is crunchy but chewy. I expect to be super sweet but NOT AT ALL! And most of all, you can taste the real essence of a macaron which is the ALMOND flavor.
It's really unfortunate, that they remain hidden😬😀😭

21. Tap the tray to release bubbles.
22. Remember, if you piped macarons on a two tray don't put them all. Put one tray at a time. 
23. Bake @180 degrees Celsius (350F).
The tray must be in the middle part of the oven. And please don't leave the macarons. BE PATIENT!
The rule: just remember where to began to rise.
Mine began to rise @ past 12 minutes. The height of the feet is about half millimeters, but still visible. 
Be OBSERVANT! when the top started to and takes only a few seconds when becomes fully dome. Take it out immediately. Don't wait another full minute because you might give up. Ayyieee...scary huh! That's the secret of that cutie macarons! I took them out @ exactly 13 minutes. Be careful wear mittens or  tray thongs.

My precious macarons mwah! mwah! mwah!
24. Let it cool but not more than 60 minutes. Inside is hollowed. Too much exposure to air may lead to cracking. The portal entry of air is through the macarons feet. πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜”

The actual taste of macarons is very very very very very sweet, crunchy and uhm...inside is slightly undercooked, it's a wet feeling ( don't worry, the fridge is the solution.) Sadly, you won't taste the almond...BUT, you will achieve the same macarons you've seen or watched. That's the most important of all!

25. Put macarons to an airtight container. 

26. Refrigerate, it will lessen the sweetness if it is cold.
Consume in room temperature in three days and 5 days when kept refrigerated.

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