Monday, December 31, 2018


     I finally completed my tin cakes this Christmas season. First is the Tripple Layer Chocolate Truffle Mousse-Pudding Cake: Chocolate sponge cake bottom, creamy dark chocolate pudding and milk chocolate and white choco mousse layers with grated white chocolate topping. Next is the Black Forest: 2 layered moist cake with real cherry creamy filling. The third is regular Chocolate Moist Cake with creamy chocolate filling. Fourth is the Special Carrot Cake with real macadamia nuts and lemon curd filling. It's also available in Classic Carrot Cake, just carrot batter with secret spices and lemon curd filling. Finally, the White Choco - Yema Cake: Fluffy chiffon moist cake with mascarpone filling, topped with yema frosting with white chocolate.