Friday, June 1, 2018


Sisig is from a kapampangan word. It's a meat (a pork,more of an ear pig, liver and fat; it can be a chicken or a fish) cooked and dressed with a calamansi to make a soury taste...its like a salad. I know I should have made this as a home cooked meal but for the meantime let's make it into a bite-size "uramaki dragon roll". Uramaki means a rice rolled outward the nori and the nori encloses the fillings while a dragon roll is a type of sushi that usually an uramaki sushi roll and has an avocado on top of it.

For Cooking a Tuna Sisig:
     For me, I just used a ready cooked 555 Spicy Tuna Sisig but others used a century tuna, just fry it first then mixed it with these ingredients -  (1) 2 calamansi   (2) ground black pepper  (3) 1 small red onion  (4) minced ginger  and  (5) chopped chili pepper. Avocado is a substitute for mayonnaise so do not add it anymore.

To Make 2 Uramaki Sushi Rolls You'll Need:
     Nori / seaweed
     4 strands asparagus (blanched or fried)
     6 strips carrots
     4 strips of cucumber
     Sesame seeds
     Gloves or large ziploc or sushi mat
     Plastic roll
To Make a Sushi Rice:
     To a small bowl of 1 tsp of white vinegar (rice vinegar,if you have it). Stir in 1 tsp of sugar and 1 tsp of  salt. Heat until crystals are dissolved or microwave it for 15 seconds. Mixed it with warm 2 cups of rice.

Time to Roll a Nori:
     1. Put Nori on the board, shiny part facing down.
     2. Fill the nori with rice while spreading evenly, pressing down the sheet. 
     3. Leave 1 inch space at the end of the nori.
     4. Sprinkle sesame seeds.

     5. Slowly turn over the nori on the board. (seaweed sheet on top).
     6. Align first the tuna sisig on the side of nori that has no space, then put the other fillings next to it. 
     7. Use gloves to roll sushi so that the rice will not stick on your hands.
     8. Put your thumb below the edge of the nori then lift up slowly while holding the fillings down with your four fingers. 
     9. Roll up then give a grip downward, pushing towards the end of nori.
     10. Get the avocado. 
     11. Slice into half.
     12. Spoon out the half of avocado on the board.
     13. Slice the avocado thinly in a steadily manner.
     14. With the help of your index finger, push gently the avocado from left to right or either way (depends on the position of your dominant hand).
     15. Get the knife then slide into the avocado.
     16. Lift the knife and lay down carefully on top of uramaki roll.
     17. Cover the dragon roll with a plastic before slicing it.
     18. Begin slicing it into 1 inch in each sushi roll.
     19. Remove plastic.

     20. Garnish with pickled ginger and serve it with red iced tea....enjoy!!!