Friday, May 25, 2018


Indulge in this no bake cake recipe, so creamy and yummy. I'm sure kids will love it! An ordinary day turns into extraordinary!

For 3 Servings, You'll Need:
    masher or blender
    squared glass or any cocktail/wine glass 
    knife and chop board


    1 medium Mango

    250ml cream 

    1 tsp gelatin
    2 tbs sugar

    1 cup water

    6 GRAHAM crackers

    1. Cut the mango into half. 
    2. Use the first half of mango to make a mango puree.
    3. Mash or blend.
    4. Mix gelatin, sugar, water into mango puree. 
        ***Optional: You may add 2-3 drops of    
            mango essence.
    5. Heat the mixture while stirring until it dissolved. 
    6. Cut the cooled gelatin into a tiny cube. 

Graham Crackers:
    1. Put the biscuits into the Ziploc, lock it.
        ***Note: Just be sure that there's no air inside of the plastic.
    2. Put on the table or chopping board.
    3. By using the handle of the knife, pound graham        
        crackers gently.

For Layering:
    1. In a glass, put the graham on the bottom of the glass.
    2. Arrange the gelatin along the side and the rest of the layer.
    3. Mix some tiny cubed fresh mango by scooping out the remaining half of the fruit.
    4. Cover with cream.
    5. Do it again from the graham base until the lid of the glass.
    6. Chill.

Gelatin Ingredients: coffee,  brown sugar, gelatin