Thursday, May 31, 2018


Here's one of my sushi recipe collection I made for dinner. It's almost 2 decades ago when I first tasted this recipe-like in a newly built Japanese restaurant before  (Karate Kid) at SM  Sta. Mesa. I think they were closed there nowadays but you can still find them in some other mall areas, just google it :-) It was a hot summer so I thought of making this one, such a flashback and a nice mood for a biteful meal, like indulging in with my favorite cool drink.

     Nori (seaweed)
     4  strips cucumber (3 inches) 
     6 strips carrot (2 inches)
     5 strips of native mango
     4 crab meat, fried 
     1 1/2 cup sushi rice

For Making Sushi Rice:

          1 tbs white vinegar
          1 tsp sugar
          1 tsp salt
          1 1/2 cup rice
     Watch instruction here:

     For the Next Step:
     How to Put Ingredients on a Nori

     Step 3: How to Roll a Nori

     Finally, How to Cut a Nori